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bacon + free-range egg buttie on Del-boys focaccia

with tomato chilli jam 14


toasted sourdough, smashed peas with garlic, fried egg + goats curd 16


chia pudding with Pleasant Point blueberries, maple syrup + toasted coconut 16


house-made pork + fennel sausages with sautéed potatoes, fried free-range eggs + harissa 20


scrambled free-range eggs with toasted ciabatta + truffle oil with Havoc bacon or

cold-smoked salmon 18/both 22





all day




soup served with Riverstone ciabatta                                                                                                  16

bruschetta of roast zucchini, tomato, garlic + tarragon                                                                    22

pork + fennel sausages with chopped cabbage + red wine vinegar                                             22

seared squid with green pawpaw, mint, roast peanuts + nahm jim                                                22

pork + herb rillette with cornichons, salad greens + toasted ciabatta                                            22

slow-cooked lamb with potato gnocchi, tomato + herb oil                                                             28

free-range chicken with cavolo nero, sweetcorn, cucumber + lemon                                          34

pan-fried fish with fennel risotto                                                                                                            34

Mt Cook salmon with watercress + avocado salsa                                                                            34

Mt Harris venison with sautéed potatoes, pickled red cabbage, pinenuts + currants                  34



hand-cut Agria chips with aioli                                                                                                                8

zucchini fritti + lemon                                                                                                                                8

red salad with roast almonds + currants                                                                                                8

salad of shaved cabbage with roast hazelnuts, parmesan + balsamic                                          10


gluten free bread 1.5



desserts                                                                                                                                                  15


chocolate strawberry tart with pure cream

lemon tart with Pleasant Point blueberries + crème fraiche

fried Spanish custard with burnt caramel ice cream + salted caramel

raspberry soufflé with raspberry ice cream + ganache

affogato with vanilla bean ice cream + Lustau px sherry




selection of 3 New Zealand cheeses                                                           for 1 person 16/to share 24

quince paste + oat biscuits                                                               



cakes + tarts                                                                                                                                           9


chocolate sour cream cake + mint ice cream

apricot almond tart with vanilla bean ice cream

open roast gooseberry tart + pure cream

apple + raspberry shortcake + vanilla bean ice cream








February 2017

We are more than happy to cater for those with dietary requirements

We are closed on Tuesdays + Wednesdays

A 15% surcharge will apply on public holidays














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